Dr Hilary says why pregnant women can't get Covid-19 vaccine yet

Dr. Hilary has revealed why pregnant women should not yet receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

On today’s episode of Good Morning Britain, the medical expert told hosts Charlotte Hawkins and Ben Shephard “ not enough research has yet been done to confidently say that pregnant women should be vaccinated. ”

It comes when the UK becomes the first country to approve the Pfiezer / BioNTech vaccine, which has a 95% effectiveness rate.

The vaccine could be rolled out next week, with health workers, nursing home residents, nursing home staff, the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions at the top of the list.

While discussing matters on the program, Ben asked Dr. Hilary if pregnant women could get the vaccine, as many have been in touch with the show.

Dr. Hilary said, “Currently, the Joint Vaccination and Vaccination Committee says we haven’t done enough work on pregnancy to say with confidence that they need to be vaccinated.

“And we always take absolute precautions with any medication or procedure during pregnancy because of the risk to unborn babies.”

He went on to explain that until more tests are done on animals to determine if the vaccine is causing harm during pregnancy, it will not be available to pregnant women.

“I’m not saying there is a risk, but we don’t know,” he added. “Therefore, it makes absolutely sense to say that we have to be careful until we roll out the vaccine to many more people, and animal studies, to make sure there is no harm to the fetus.

“It is likely that pregnant women are not vaccinated, just as we do not vaccinate children under 16”.

Dr. Hilary also said care home residents will rely on the Oxford Covid-19 vaccine that has not yet been approved, Mirror reports.

The approved Pfiezer / BioNTech vaccine presents many logistical problems as it must be stored at -70/80 degrees.

This means that nursing home residents will rely on the Oxford vaccine, which only needs to be kept in the refrigerator for approval.

“That can be a few days or weeks off,” he added.

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