Drew Lock didn’t just outduel Justin Herbert. He might’ve saved Broncos’ season.

Chargers rookie quarterback Justin Herbert is a freak. He also had Keenan Allen, a three-time Pro Bowler, lurking on one side. And 6-foot-4 Mike Williams on the other.

Drew Lock had two rookies. And DaeSean Hamilton.

“Maybe we’re just starting to click,” Lock, the Broncos’ second-year quarterback, said after rallying Denver from a 24-3 third-quarter deficit to a 31-30 win over the Los Angeles Chargers. “Maybe people had opinions of us based off of six games with three different quarterbacks, multiple offensive lines, guys on defense getting knocked out. People just love to make opinions and just jump into it quick. And I hope we can keep proving them wrong.”

Man, they needed this. He needed this.

Buzz Lightyear can say it doesn’t matter what the yokels outside the Broncos locker room think. But some of the guys on that home sideline were thinking the same thing a lot of the yokels were early in the second half.

Holy crap, the Chargers got a guy.

Do we have a guy?

“This is a really good milestone for Drew,” offered tailback Phillip Lindsay, whose 55-yard touchdown in the third quarter flipped the script. “Stepping up, being a leader and overcoming stuff.”

Overcoming stuff.

Stuff happens in this league. COVID. Snow. Rain. Boos. Blown leads. Frayed tempers. Patrick Mahomes.