Driver's drug fail as he tries to throw £25k of cocaine out of closed window

A driver was arrested after a drug disposal failed and left an onerous mess in his entire vehicle.

The man had tried to throw £ 25k of cocaine out of his van after he was caught by the police, but forgot that the window was closed.

Police officers from Devon and Cornwall stopped the driver on the M5 and when they got to the taxi they discovered the interior was littered with white powder.

The South Devon Crime and Proactive Policing Team shared the news on Twitter, saying the driver had tried to throw his illegal pull out the window.

But his day went from bad to worse when the bag hit the closed window and split and covered the inside of his van with “about £ 25,000 cocaine”.

The tweet reads, “This van was stopped on the M5 on the way to Devon.

“The white powder is about £ 25,000 worth of cocaine that had spread all over the cabin after the owner tried to throw it out the window (which was closed!).

“Great team performance with firearms, traffic and crime scenes.”