Drivers to be hit with new £130 on the spot fines for minor offences

British drivers can be hit with automatic fines of £ 130 for minor traffic offenses, according to the RAC.

It says that new government considerations could give municipalities new powers to help improve roads for both cyclists and pedestrians.

The new rules would face automatic civil penalties currently imposed by police for drivers caught on bicycle lanes or intersections. The money generated with these fines then continues with traffic-reducing measures, according to the breakdown specialists.

It comes as junior minister of Transport Baroness Vere has revealed that the government is considering giving municipalities more traffic enforcement powers under the 2004 traffic management law.

London municipalities are already operating in this way, issuing over a million £ 130 fines annually.

However, when Lord Bradshaw asked if powers would be extended outside the capital, Baroness Vere replied, “We are considering the role these powers can play in helping municipalities implement recovery plans for transportation.”

The Transport Management Act 2004 (section 6) includes violations such as waiting at intersections and driving on cycle paths and driving in the wrong direction on one-way streets. The Local Government Association – which represents municipalities – says powers are needed because police “have largely stopped enforcing traffic offenses.”