Drivers to get £130 fine under new cycle-lane law from June 22

Local authorities are given new powers to deal with bicycle path abuse, the Department of Transportation reports.

Municipalities in England can use camera surveillance to compel drivers illegally parking on bicycle lanes, under new legislation that will come into force on June 22.

Hopefully this will reduce the number of cyclists forced into the flow of traffic because a cycle path was blocked.

Drivers will be fined up to £ 130 in London and £ 70 in the rest of the country.

The new laws concern cycle paths with solid white lines.

Cycling Minister Chris Heaton-Harris said, “Across the country, the number of people who take off their old bicycles from the back of the shed and cycle or walk on foot to get from A to B has soared.

“Giving local authorities more powers to prevent bicycle lanes from becoming blocked will make it safer for cyclists.

“These new measures also build on our recent investment of £ 2 billion to create a green, healthier legacy and allow more people to travel by bicycle or on foot.”

Charity Cycling UK welcomed the announcement, but described it as “marginal compensation” for legislative changes made four years ago, meaning that parking in cycle paths with solid white lines is no longer automatically prohibited.

It urged the government to further protect cyclists by reversing the changes made in 2016.

Cycling UK is currently celebrating Cycling Week, which encourages people to get on their bikes to improve their fitness and protect the environment.