Drug dealer fakes death with 'gruesome' torture pictures in jail dodge attempt

A notorious drug dealer pretended to be dead in order to avoid prison by taking a gruesome photo of his ‘tortured’ body with ‘thief’ carved in his chest.

Gabriel C’s daring attempt failed and he has now been imprisoned for four years and fined £ 16,193 for attempting to retrieve 113 kg of cocaine from the port of Antwerp in 2016.

It was the second time he had tried to fool Belgian authorities and a rival gang into thinking he was dead, having first made it appear as if he had drowned in a lake in The Gambia, West Africa.

Known as ‘Lange Fingers’ (Sponge Fingers), he disappeared for fear of his life about a year ago after allegedly stealing a shipment of drugs from Albanian gangsters.

His enemies attacked several houses and warehouses with AK-47s and hand grenades looking for him.

At the time, he stood for five years for crimes committed in 2015.

His lawyer told a judge last month that Gabriel C regretted his actions and that his wife and three-year-old son had since taught him what ‘taking responsibility’ meant.

His sentence was therefore reduced from five to four and his immediate arrest has been ordered.

It is unclear whether he has since been arrested or why he has not been in prison until now.

He first tried to make it look like he had drowned in a lake in The Gambia, Africa.

However, after his unlikely effort failed to pay off, he tried again to falsify his own death by releasing an inconclusive photo staging his torture by his enemies.

In the photo, the word “thief” is engraved in capital letters on his chest and appears to be stuck on a chair and covered in blood from multiple cuts.