Drunk father throws crying toddler, 2, onto sofa in row over child custody

A cruel father has been filmed violently throwing his toddler son onto a sofa after getting into row with his partner over the custody of the child.

The man, who is identified by the surname Liu, was allegedly fuelled by alcohol when he got into an argument with his girlfriend, Ms Feng, at their home in the city of Baoji, China’s Shaanxi province.

Sickening video reportedly taken by Ms Feng on Wednesday night shows Liu lifting their two-year-old son over his head and throwing him to the sofa by force.

The little boy hits the sofa cushion with a loud thud and is heard crying out loud.

He falls to the ground but the father picks him up and smashes him on to the sofa again.

Local media reported that the child was rushed to hospital along with the mother and Liu was arrested by the police.

The seven-second clip was later widely shared on to social media.

A spokesperson for Baoji People’s Hospital told HuaShuang Post that a young boy was admitted to the hospital.

“The child was given CPR and was later diagnosed with brain damage and buildup of fluid inside the brain. He is receiving further treatment at intensive care unit,” they said.

The boy hit his head on the sofa with a loud thud

In a statement released by Baoji Police, it read that police officer were alerted of the incident at around 10pm on August 19.

It mentioned that suspect Liu, who was drunk, got into a fight with girlfriend, Ms Feng, over a child custody and ended up throwing the child to the sofa.

Liu was arrested on suspicion of bodily harm and remanded in custody.