East Midnapur Several BJP Leaders Of Tamluk Joins TMC

Bitton Chakraborty, East Midnapore: The BJP split again in Purba Midnapur, Tamluk. The Trinamool (TMC) claims that several leaders, including Soumen Chakraborty, the general secretary of the Tamluk Nagar constituency, have joined their party. Irrigation Minister Soumen Mohapatra has demanded that the grassroots should be disgusted with the BJP. However, the BJP leadership is reluctant to give importance to the change of party.

Disintegration in BJP again before the full vote. The Trinamool claimed that several leaders, including the general secretary of Tamluk Nagar Soumen Chakraborty, and the booth president had joined their party on Thursday. The participants hoisted the Trinamool flag from the hands of Irrigation Minister Soumen Mohapatra.

BJP defector Soumen Chakraborty said, “I went to BJP for special circumstances, but my politics started at this grassroots level.” So I came back.

Political pressure has started centering on the change of party. Trinamool MLA and Irrigation Minister Soumen Mohapatra said the leaders joined the Trinamool camp out of disgust with the BJP.

Nabarun Naik, president of the BJP’s Tamluk organizing district, countered that none of those leaders were active in the BJP. Many leaders have left the BJP and gone to the grassroots. This will not harm the BJP.

Out of 20 seats in Tamluk municipality, BJP is ahead in 12 of the 21 seats in the Ekushey assembly polls and Trinamool is ahead in the remaining 6 seats. This time the ruling party increased its strength there.

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It is to be noted that many leaders left the grassroots and joined the BJP before the Assembly vote. The Trinamool has returned to power with a huge majority in the polls. Before the vote, Shuvendu Adhikari, a former state minister and Trinamool MLA from Nandigram, joined the BJP. He won the seat and became the Leader of the Opposition in the State Assembly. In the meantime, many leaders who left the grassroots and enrolled in Padma Shibir have returned to the grassroots. East Midnapore was no exception. In the meantime, a few more leaders left the BJP and joined the ruling party.