Elderly man kicked off plane after face mask row with crew before takeoff

An elderly passenger has been removed from a plane after a heated confrontation with a flight attendant over face mask policy.

The pensioner was on board US budget airline Allegiant Air at Punta Gorda in Florida on Monday morning when he complained he had to wear a mask when the crew member was not.

The air hostess had lowered her face mask so she could be heard clearly to give a safety demonstration over the public address system.

Video taken by an on-board passenger shows the crew member, who wears a neon pink hi-vis jacket, addressing the elderly man as “Mr Peterman” while escorting him off the plane at the front.

Sighs of disappointments and moans can be heard among other passengers when the man walks past the cockpit and says: “Captain please. Captain?”

A woman says: “There is nothing wrong to it. This is ridiculous.”

According to Allegiant Air’s website, all passengers, as well as employees, are required to wear face coverings that cover the nose and mouth.

People with medical conditions can only be exempted if they have a note from a doctor as proof.

The dispute broke off when the passenger saw the air hostess pulling off her face mask while talking over the public address system

Children younger than two are exempt from the mask requirement.

In response to the incident, the airline company said in a statement: “The passenger was removed for repeatedly disrupting the pre-flight safety briefing which includes reiteration of our inflight face-covering policy.

“The flight attendant giving the safety briefing lowered their mask for speaking into the PA so the briefing could be understood.”

Earlier this week, an EasyJet passenger was taken off plane by airport police after he refused to wear face mask.

Two weeks ago, a passenger was removed from a Ryanair plane minutes before takeoff as he was found to be tested positive for Covid-19.