Epic and Ikon pass deadlines are just days away; without one, your days on the slopes may be limited

Skiers prepare for a day at Vail in the Mountain Plaza area in 2016. (Andy Cross, Denver Post file)

There are two ski pass purchase deadlines that could severely limit your skiing and snowboarding capabilities this winter if you let them come and go without buying.

Sunday is the deadline to purchase Epic Pass products for this season. The deadline for Ikon Passes will follow on Thursday December 10th.

Skiers and riders without these pass products may find it much more difficult to ski where and when they want, as mountain access restrictions related to COVID-19 are designed to give priority to pass holders.

“For guests who do not purchase a pass before the deadline, the lift tickets will go on sale on December 8, with a limited sale based on the number of seats available for a particular day following our exclusive priority booking window for pass holders,” said Johnna Muscente, a spokesman from Vail Resorts and Epic Pass.

That pass holder priority booking window for Epic Pass holders closes on Monday.

You also don’t need to purchase a Season Epic Pass to participate. Epic Day Passes can be purchased for one or more days, up to seven.

There are also benefits to securing Ikon Pass products before the sales deadline expires next week, and the situation at Winter Park is one such example. Winter Park is an Ikon Pass resort and season pass sales for Winter Park also end on Thursdays. Winter Park has created a new midweek season pass product and the deadline for that pass has not been set.

“It’s a great option for someone who can ski Monday through Friday,” said Winter Park spokeswoman Jen Miller. “After December 10, the option for people who want to ski in Winter Park is (buying) the midweek pass or individual daily lift tickets, which are currently limited. More tickets may become available as the season progresses, but there are no guarantees. If and when tickets are available, they must be pre-booked so that no one can buy a day ticket this season. As with everything this season, we ask guests to plan ahead and check our website for the latest information on access to the mountains. “

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Epic and Ikon pass deadlines are just days away; without one, your days on the slopes may be limited