Ethereum Hits Highest “Realized” Price Since 2018 Bull Run

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  • The “realized” price of Ethereum just hit a two-year high of $ 287.
  • The “realized” price differs from the current price, as only active coins are taken into account.
  • The current price of Ethereum and the number of addresses with one or more ETH are also increasing.

The “realized” price of Ethereum just hit a two-year high of $ 287.09. according to to the data metrics site Glassnode.

The news doesn’t come long after Ethereum – along with Bitcoin –reach new heights with its “realized” price when it hit $ 257 last month.

The “realized” price of Ethereum has increased 11.7% since then.

The “realized” price does not refer to the current price of a Cryptocurrency as listed on exchangebut on the value of the coins that are actively used.

The metric, first proposed by cryptocurrency firm Coin Metrics, is useful as it monitors the value of active cryptocurrency – and rules out lost coins or cryptocurrencies that have been dormant in wallets for years.

It is derived from “realized capitalization”, Which measures the total value of a cryptocurrency network by multiplying each cryptocurrency by the last move.

The “realized” price calculation is carried out by dividing the realized upper limit by the circulating supply.

And Ethereum The “realized” price is not the only rising metric. Only yesterday the second largest cryptocurrency touched new heights for the number of addresses that contain at least one ETH coin.

The current price of ether is also on the rise: today the price of ETH is USD 594, an increase of 7% in seven days. according to to data from CoinMarketCap

The ETH price hike isn’t just on Bitcoin’s growing Price but also because of the explosion of interest in DeFi Platforms – which are usually based on Ethereum.

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