Evil mum 'cut her baby with razor blades and injected bleach into tot's veins'

A monster mother had reportedly confessed to torturing her daughter by cutting her with razors and injecting bleach into her veins.

Ezgi Korucu is accused of torturing her defenseless 18-month-old daughter at their home in the Avcilar district of the northwestern Turkish city of Istanbul.

The 28-year-old was arrested following her last trip to hospital with the sick youngster in February 2019 when doctors finally realized the child was being tortured.

According to reports, Ezgi, who has been detained and released twice before, said she realized this would be the last time and therefore confessed to the abuse.

She was questioned by prosecutors and quoted in the local media as saying, “I couldn’t love my daughter and I wanted her to die slowly.

So I decided to torture her. I tormented her with razor blades in her head, legs, arms, chest and eyelids.

“I injected liquid soap and bleach into her veins with a syringe. This started when my daughter was one month old.

‘There was an investigation against me, but I denied the charges. I performed the torture while my family was sleeping or not around to see it. “

Prosecutors demand that she serve 20 years for “deliberate attempt to kill a child, aggravated by the use of torture.”

Evil mum 'cut her baby with razor blades and injected bleach into tot's veins'

Ezgi wrote letters to her family from prison.

In a note to her daughter, she said, “My apologies to you and your siblings. Forgive me please. I am not a bad mother. “

She also wrote to her husband Eray Korucu, saying, “Thank you so much for not embarrassing me in front of my kids. We somehow did 13 years together.”

Her lawyer said she was afraid to tell the truth and that her alleged actions were in reality the result of the abuse she had suffered in her marriage.

He said, “My client wanted to go to prison to get out of her living conditions, so she lied deliberately.

“This woman had raised two children before, and if the charges were true, she would have harmed her other children too.”

Ezgi remains in custody while the trial continues.