Ex-Miss Universe beauty queen has leg amputated following surgery complications
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Ex-Miss Universe beauty queen has leg amputated following surgery complications

A former beauty Queen and Miss Universe contestant had her left leg amputated following a surgery complication to remove a lump in her abdomen.

Gorgeous Daniella Alvarez, 32, told fans about the shock surgery on Sunday, and later revealed “blood was not arriving,” forcing doctors to amputate her leg.

She said she was admitted to the Fundacion Cardioinfantil Hospital in the Colombian capital Bogota to remove a lump that had appeared in her abdomen.

During surgery, doctors realised the mass had wrapped itself around the model’s main aorta artery and she ended up suffering from ischemia, an inadequate blood supply to an organ or part of the body.

According to Alvarez, “blood was not arriving” to her lower leg and therefore it needed to be amputated.

Alvarez was crowned Miss Colombia in 2011 and went on to her represent her country at Miss Universe 2012.

She did not win the final competition, but the spot landed her a TV presenting gig and she has since gathered 1.6million Instagram followers.

After the amputation, Alvarez shared pictures of herself and loved ones in hospital for all of her fans to see.

She accompanied the picture with a prayer to the Virgin Mary “for always being there” and said her “inner pear” and “optimism” about the situation came from God.

Alvarez added: “The coming months will be difficult, but I am sure the best parts of my life are to come.

“I love my body the same as I did before. I am happy to be here in this world to experience the new challenges coming into my life.

“I know that, with the hand of God, I will be able to manage.”

“Feet? Why do I need them if I have wings to fly?”

“The model added that she will have a prosthetic limb in the future to help her continue to “dance, run, ride my bike, swim, everything I like”.


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