Fake 'Dr Frankenstein' surgeon who mutilated patient may have been murdered

A fake plastic surgeon nicknamed ‘Dr Frankenstein’ who mutilated her women patients may have been murdered, claimed her lawyer.

Alyona Verdy, 36, had no medical education and was facing six years in jail for causing grievous bodily harm in carrying out boob jobs and liposuctions in a Russian clinic.

She died today after being in a coma and on a ventilator for two weeks.

The notorious bogus doctor became ill while under house arrest pending her trial.

Her lawyer Andrey Taran said the cause of death was unclear, but claimed it could have been murder.

She died after being in a coma since June 1, triggered by a large injection of insulin, according to reports.

Before falling into a coma, she had claimed publicly she was promised that the cases against her would be dropped if she paid a bribe of £28,500, but she did not have the cash.

Taran demanded a full investigation into whether someone had killed her by supplying the insulin or to establish there was another cause.

Verdy had pleaded guilty buying a fake medical certificate and becoming a popular plastic surgeon despite having no qualifications.

Her death is likely to mean her victims will receive no compensation as a result of the murky scandal, said Taran.

Fake 'Dr Frankenstein' surgeon who mutilated patient may have been murdered

Fake 'Dr Frankenstein' surgeon who mutilated patient may have been murdered

One patient, Anastasia Ismailova, 33, complained that Verdy’s surgery led to “my female genitals being lifted into the wrong place” and skin “sticking out of my sides like fish tails”.

Another, Alexandra Asireeva six hour breast correction surgery after a botched boob job.

She had “hyper-size scars”.

Evgenia Lanovaya, 38, could not close her eyes after ill-fated “improvement surgery”.

Two victims developed “mental disorders” after surgery in Krasnodar city, and most women needed corrective surgery.

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Verdy was pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm in seven cases in which she operated on women patients after a campaign by Russian model Alana Mamaeva – a campaigner against plastic surgery abuses – to bring her to justice.

The case became scandalous in Russia and the country’s top investigator, Alexander Bastrykin, took personal control over Verdy’s prosecution.

The Russian Investigative Committee today began a preliminary probe into her death.


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