Family of Brit mum critical in Turkey thrown £10k-a-day hospital bills lifeline

A British mum who collapsed in Turkey on a dream holiday will be flown home and her enormous hospital bills paid after an insurer backdown.

Breast cancer survivor Carole Fleming was given just 48 hours to live after she suddenly collapsed at her daughter’s husband’s home.

The Stockport 67-year-old faced a medical insurance nightmare as she fought for her life racking up £10,000-a-day hospital bills – bleeding from her eyes and nose in scenes her daughter compared to a ‘horror movie.’

Good Samaritans have raised nearly £40,000 to cover her mounting hospitals bills after her daughter, Stephanie Uyar, issued a desperate plea for help.

Now her insurer has agreed to fund her hospital stay after Carole’s family claim the firm initially refused to pay the bills, reports the Mail Online.

Carole was visiting Stephanie’s husband Alper Uyar’s family in Muğla on August 18 when she said she felt tired, then suddenly collapsed.

She was rushed to hospital where doctors tested her blood and found her platelet counts so dangerously low she was unable to form clots, meaning she would need regular transfusions to stay alive.

Stephanie, 36, said doctors initially gave her mum 48 hours to live.

Carole was suffering constant uncontrollable nosebleeds and sometimes even cried blood, and her tongue at one point formed a huge blood blister leaving her unable to even speak, according to her daughter.

Stephanie told the Mail: “It’s like I’m trapped in a horror movie. The things I’ve seen and witnessed in the last three weeks, I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy.

“No child should see their mother in a condition like that. To see the woman who’s always been my rock, who’s always been there to help me, to see her so vulnerable in a strange place. I’ll have nightmares about this ward for the rest of my life.”

Carole defied doctors’ warnings and survived those first few gruelling days.

Family of Brit mum critical in Turkey thrown £10k-a-day hospital bills lifeline

But her hospital bills mounted as she was shifted around hospitals in Turkey for life-saving treatment over the past three weeks, with her daughter anxiously keeping a bedside vigil.

Three weeks on, they faced another cliff-edge as doctors told the family if they didn’t start life-saving immunoglobin treatment right away – Carole would die.

But the treatment was being held up by an insurance squabble that left medics unable to act.

When Carole first arrived in hospital, her family claim doctors mistakenly prompted the insurer to deny her cover, by telling them the blood disorder was a side-effect of hormone tablets she was using following her breast cancer fight.

But when she stopped taking them her condition did not improve – it got worse, the family claim.

They say the doctors later admitted they were wrong, and advised the insurance company – which was declining to cover the bills due to the link to her previous condition.

Family of Brit mum critical in Turkey thrown £10k-a-day hospital bills lifeline

But the bills were growing by £10,000 a day as the family awaited a final decision from the insurer.

The British Consulate had also told the family officials could not bring Carole home unless they were repatriating her body, they claim.

On a fundraising page, they say a quote for an Air Ambulance to get Carole home to the NHS would be at least £25,000.

Carole’s desperate family drained their savings paying toward her bills, but the mounting daily cost of the blood transfusions led them to ask donors for help getting her back to the UK.

They said doctors were unable to begin costly immunoglobin therapy Carole desperately needed until they had confirmation of who was paying.

Their appeal read: “The dire, grim outlook we face is that she remains here, untreated due to costs …  and dies.

“We all have a mother so please please look into your hearts and help me get mine to safety! We are desperate and hopeless and in severe danger of her having to be left here to die. No human being deserves this in this current world.”

Friends and strangers donated nearly £40k toward helping Carole, leaving the family stunned at their generosity.

Family of Brit mum critical in Turkey thrown £10k-a-day hospital bills lifeline

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Now the insurer will reportedly cover the bills after all.

However they must wait for Carole to become stable enough for her Turkish doctors to sign her off as safe to fly.

Stephanie and Carole’s brother, Ian Fleming, say they will do everything they can to get her home now.

Mr Fleming said his sister had spent her life helping disadvantaged kids into apprenticeships.

Stephanie said: “She’ll make it home, somehow. I don’t care what I have to do to make that happen, I’ll do it.”

You can visit the family GoFundMe page here.