Family returns from holiday to find stranger living in trashed home

A family has returned from holiday to make the shocking discovery of a stranger living in their home who had trashed it and buried their belongings outside.

Allison Greenway, her husband and their four children spent the past three weeks visiting family in the Yukon, a territory in northwest Canada.

When they returned to their home in Nanaimo in British Columbia on Sunday afternoon, they saw their windows had been boarded up and their children’s toys were hanging in trees on the property.

Allison told Chek News of the unsettling scenes: “The windows were all boarded up and he had torn up all our blankets and curtains to cover everything.

“A lot of the kids’ toys were buried in the yard and hanging from the trees.”

Footage shows the badly damaged house with almost no electrical appliances left inside the property.

A mattress is found in the basement along with a pile of dirty clothes.

The mum-of-four added: “He went through all of our food, he stole a bunch of the dishes, broke things, the fridge was horrific.

Allison believed the suspect had been living in their house when they were away for three week

“They ripped the voice box out of their build-a-bears. They tore our marriage certificate in two, they had taken all our family photos off the wall and placed them down. It is just so uncomfortable.”

The family cleaned up the house as much as they could and spent their first night at a nearby hotel.

But her husband decided to return to check on the home at 8.30pm and discovered someone was inside.

All the family pics were torn down from the wall in the house

They called the police and more than a dozen squad cars descended on their address.

“They ended up pulling this guy out of our kid’s closet,” Allison said. “How am I going to make that better for them?”

The Nanaimo RCMP arrested 47-year-old Sean Damian Kunai, who has a history of violence and is known to carry weapons, according to Global News.

He is now facing at least one charge of breaking and entering.

Constable Gary O’Brien told the media: “A male was taken into custody. He received a few bite wounds and is presently in the hospital.

Allison Greenway said she was left terrified when her husband saw a man walking around their house at night

“He has also been remanded into custody for several days.”

The police said they don’t believe there is any further safety risk to the family but Allison was left shaken and terrified.

“I don’t want him to be near us,” she said. “I don’t want him to get out for a duration of time.

“He seemed really dangerous and I am so uncomfortable.”