FC Bayern Munich Chooses Sorare’s Global Fantasy Football Platform to Go Digital

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  • The 2020 Bundesliga champions and Sorare, the global fantasy football game, have partnered to create digital collectibles from Bayern Munich players.
  • FC Bayern Munich is Sorare’s 3rd club in the Bundesliga. 100 clubs have joined Sorare, including Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain and Atletico de Madrid.
  • After the support of world champion Andre Schurrle, Germany ranks 4th in terms of the total number of Sorare users and 3rd in terms of the total time spent on the platform per user. This reflects the country’s appetite for fantasy football.

Berlin, November 10, 2020 – FC Bayern Munich today announced a partnership with the global fantasy football platform Sorare, which enables collectors and players in Germany and around the world to buy, sell and thus freely limited digital player cards from teams such as Manuel Neuer, Thomas Müller and to play Robert Lewandowski. Since the open beta started in December 2019, Sorare has grown by an average of 52% month-on-month and now has over 45,000 users worldwide with a card trading volume of over USD 1,000,000 per month in October 2020.

Football fans have been collecting and exchanging player cards in the physical world for decades. Football teams from around the world are increasingly looking for digital solutions to connect with fans online and offer them new ways to interact with their favorite teams and players. Sorare’s fantasy football game is based on a new class of collectibles: officially licensed digital cards. The platform allows users to play in-game fantasy soccer with skin as they can truly own and trade their digital player cards.

FC Bayern Munich is at the forefront of innovation and always strives to offer fans new experiences. The club shares Sorare’s vision of becoming the fantasy game to increase the fun of live football. The game will help Bayern Munich reach new, young communities, particularly in Asia and America, where Sorare has a strong user base. Bayern Munich fans all over the world can play with their favorite footballers by using their cards on their team. The score of the player card depends on the player’s performance in real life, be it a Bundesliga game or a Champions League game.

Nicolas Julia, CEO and Sorare, said, “Today’s news is another important milestone for Sorare. With the addition of FC Bayern Munich to the platform, Sorare now has three of the five best European champions with Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain, which makes the game more and more relevant to football fans around the world. Bayern Munich fans can join the economy of their passions in ways that were impossible before Sorare’s global fantasy football platform. “

The company uses the Ethereum blockchain to create digital scarcity and determine who owns a player’s digital card at any given time. It creates a new level of trust and freedom for collectors. Sorare has built an online marketplace where users can freely buy and sell rare digital tickets for soccer players. But the cards are more than just collectibles: they’re useful in Sorare’s global fantasy football game, competing against each other every weekend and battling for the best rewards.

Andre Schurrle, former investor in Sorare, said: “As a former professional footballer and former supporter of Sorare, today’s inclusion of Bayern Munich in the Sorare platform, one of the most important teams in my home country, is a personal accord for me. Sorare is based on the actual performance of The Players and with the FC Bayern Munich users can now buy or exchange digital cards from one of the world’s top soccer teams. I support Sorare’s mission to become the platform for fantasy soccer, and today’s announcement is further evidence that the company is well positioned to do so to achieve his goal. “

Bayern Munich is the 100th football club to join Sorare, followed by others from Europe, the US and Asia who have partnered with Sorare to officially issue digital player cards, including Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain and Atletico de Madrid. Through these partnerships, Sorare is able to create the first truly global fantasy football experience. Fantasy players can create a line-up with a Ligue 1 midfielder like Neymar, a Serie A striker like Cristiano Ronaldo, a La Liga goalkeeper like Jan Oblak and a Bundesliga defender like Sven Bender.

The game was launched in March 2019 by two seasoned entrepreneurs, Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort, who saw the potential of blockchain technology to create a new category in the sports games industry. Sorare has had sales of $ 2.5 million in sales of cards in 70 countries in just over 12 months. Sorare grew up recently $ 4 million in seed capital and the 100th club, Paris Saint-Germain added to the platform last month.

View all licensed clubs on Sorare Here.



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Sorare is a global fantasy football game where managers can trade official digital collectibles. Founded in
In October 2018, Sorare’s mission is to make crypto fun and accessible to all through fantasy football.
Sorares Spiel attracted more than 45,000 users in October 2020 with a monthly volume of 900,000 euros
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