Finally, an affordable Lamborghini…digital stamp on blockchain

In brief

  • BITSTAMPS is a new blockchain-based digital stamping platform.
  • A series of stamps based on Lamborghini cars has just been launched.
  • Every digital stamp is tokenized and kept on blockchain.

Collecting stamps is a hobby that has lost some of its brilliance in the digital age, but blockchain can be key to re-sparking interest in a new generation. And now Lamborghini, the supercar company, is starting the action.

Recently launched Italian startup BITSTAMPSNo relationship to European cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp – has announced a partnership with the famous automaker to produce a range of digital, blockchain-backed stamps based on its high-quality exotic cars.

The first stamp is based on the latest Lamborghini Huracán EVO RWD Spyder, although the line will include a total of 29 vehicles. BITSTAMPS will make 20,000 of this first digital stamp, but no ETA has yet been announced for future stamps.

The BITSTAMPS mobile app allows users to buy, sell and trade their digital stamps, each of which is certified as its own creation by blockchain technology. You can also send electronic postcards with your own stamps through the app.

BITSTAMPS rolled out its first stamp last week: a recreation of Penny Black, recognized as the world’s first stamp from 1840. The digital version is limited to 5,000 pieces. The BITSTAMPS website suggests that future stamp sets will be based on music, celebrities and influencers, and more.

Blockchain tokenization is increasingly used for digital asset ownership, from limited edition items in blockchain-based video games to digital trading cards and demonstrably rare digital artworks through the SuperRare platform.