Fire Destroys about 150 Chilean homes; helicopters sent for rescue

On the outskirts of the Chilean port city, helicopters were sent to pour water and extinguish the dreading fire that destroyed more than 150 homes in Valparaiso this Wednesday. More than a dozen of people that resided in the San Roque and Rocuant hills had to sift through the ruins of their houses post-fire. 

The fire went outrageous as it was fanned by the strong winds and swept vigorously through the entire neighborhood late Tuesday. The good news is that all the residents were successfully evacuated and there were no casualties reported. 

About 150 homes got destroyed due to the fire, announced the interior minister, Gonzalo Blumel. According to his statement, the authorities suspect arson being the prime reason behind this blaze that urged people to report for any of the suspicious activities going on in the neighborhood. 

The emergency manager of Valaparaiso, Ezio Passadore, said that the ablaze seemed intentional and was deliberately set near the residential area, though the reports do not confirm anything yet. The neighborhood which caught fire has residents with low-income and they do not have running water and get their supplies from tankers once or twice a week. Well, one will have to wait for the actual cause of the fire outbreak to determine if it was an intentional or unintentional action.