Firefighters chase down man who sucker-punched elderly woman on street

A group of firefighters have been filmed chasing down a bike-riding thug who sent an elderly woman falling to the ground with one punch in an unprovoked assault.

Street surveillance video captured Daniel Biggs, 53, riding his bicycle on the road before cutting up onto a pavement where a 60-year-old woman is walking.

Biggs hits the woman in the head as he speeds past, sending her crashing to the ground, and flees the scene straightaway.

Seconds later, four off-duty firefighters come out from the E214 and TL111 fire station in Brooklyn, New York City, and start chasing after Biggs.

A few officers rush to tend to the injured elderly woman.

Another CCTV around the block shows Biggs, who wears a blue cap and orange top, nearly crashing into a dog walker at the corner before he is tackled by the fire crew.

He is captured and pinned to the ground until police arrive at the scene.

The footage of the incident, which took place on August 26, first appeared on TikTok before it was shared onto a Fire Department New York Response Instagram account.

A team of four firefighters ran off to chase Biggs and held him on the ground until the police came

The post read: “FDNY members from E214 and TL111 ‘The Nut House’ in Brooklyn witnessed an unprovoked assault of an elderly man in front of the firehouse and jumped into action, chasing and catching the perpetrator and holding him until police arrived – NICE WORK BROTHERS.”

According to New York Post, Biggs, of Brooklyn, was charged with assault, menacing, harassment and attempted assault.

He was arraigned the following day and ordered held on $20,000 (£15,445), but was released without bail after a return court appearance four days later, court records show.