Firm Co-Founded by Biden Cabinet Nominees Scrubs China Work from Website

President-elect Joe Biden’s nominee for director of national intelligence Avril Haines speaks at his transitional headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware on November 24, 2020. (Joshua Roberts / Reuters)

A Washington, DC consultancy co-founded by two of Joe Biden’s Cabinet nominees deleted references to his work in China from its website shortly after Biden won the Democratic nomination this summer.

WestExec Advisors lists among its co-founders Anthony Blinken, Biden’s candidate for Secretary of State, and Michèle Flournoy, a former Pentagon official, Biden’s candidate for Secretary of Defense. At least two other future leaders in Biden’s administration have also worked for WestExec, new White House press secretary Jen Psaki and Avril Haines, former director of WestExec and Biden’s candidate for director of national intelligence.

The firm, whose team consists of dozens of former senior government officials, boasts of having “brought the situation room to the boardroom” and of helping US institutions do business successfully. the US government and China.

As of the end of July, WestExec’s website was still touting its work in helping “US research universities” to “expand foreign research collaboration, accept foreign donations, and welcome foreign students into STEM programs. keys ”, while remaining“ a trusted partner for DoD-funded research grants. “

As late as early August, the company was still promote his work has helped a leading US pharmaceutical company as well as a multi-billion dollar US technology company enter and expand into Chinese markets.

However, web records reveal that the two references to the company’s Chinese trade relations were removed between July 26 and August 2.

A spokesperson for WestExec Told the Free Washington Beacon that the company “previously offered a service for US research universities to help them avoid inadvertent engagement with the Chinese government” but no longer provides that service. She did not provide the newspaper with details on why the company stopped offering the service.

The company says it still helps companies, including a large US manufacturing company, manage “the risks associated with China in an era of strategic competition.”

Republican senators have previously expressed skepticism about some of the Biden candidates’ trade relationships, particularly those involving China. The GOP will likely retain its majority in the Senate next year, which means Biden’s cabinet candidates will need Republican votes to be confirmed.

America will neither be stronger nor more secure if its foreign policy and national security agencies are run by people who have just finished getting paid to help American companies do business with the Communist Party of China, ”Senator Marco Rubio wrote in a tweet on Monday.