Fisherman watches as great white shark tears seal to pieces in harbour

An enormous white shark has been filmed attacking a seal in a harbor and spewing its intestines into the water.

The vicious scene was captured by fisherman Keith Rose while on his fishing vessel in Wellfleet Harbor off the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, USA.

Images shared by Atlantic White Shark Conservancy on Twitter show the apex predator slamming its prey into the water while taking on a seal.

He sets his teeth on the sea creature while fluttering his fins in the sea.

As Keith steers his ship closer to the crime scene and puts it in neutral, he manages to catch the beast that swims away from its bloody prey in the clear water.

He says in the clip, “This is a great white shark. Look, a great white, a beautiful great white shark.

“We just witnessed a shark attack. He’ll eat that. ‘

The baffled fisherman then points the camera at what looks like the rest of the poor seal, with flesh and guts ripped from the ferocious shark bites.

The conservancy shared the clip on social media with a friendly reminder.

The apex predator swam away leaving a piece of seal floating in the water

They wrote in the caption, “A reminder to everyone that even though we are past peak season, there are still white sharks in the area.

“We are extremely grateful to the fishing community and other wildlife observers for sharing their images of white sharks with us this past season.

“Public reports are a valuable part of learning more about the movement and behavior of white sharks off our coast.”

According to the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, seasonal shark sightings off the state’s coast have increased in recent years, and the Cape’s outlying area is one of the most popular sites for great white sharks.