Fisherman’s films ultra-rare sea monster from hell that sucks prey dry of blood

Creepy images have let a rare bloodsucking creature slip into the shallows of a lake just yards from a startled fisherman.

Thomas van der Es couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the monster sea lamprey.

The nightmarish creature has the hair-raising ability to attach to the sides of fish before they suck their bodies dry of blood.

Despite his terrifying qualities, Thomas happily took out his phone and followed him as he made his way through a lake in the Bliesboch National Park near Dordecht in the Netherlands.

The brave fisherman says the sea monster is extremely rare and is only seen ‘once every 10 or 20 years’.

He first saw the creature after noticing a group of seagulls flying overhead and spying on the catch as a tasty dinner option.

“They were already flying over the beast and were already picking it up,” he said.

“But it was a bit too much for them.”

At first Thomas did not know what the fish was, but after contacting RAVON – a knowledgeable organization – he was identified as a type of parasitic eel known as a sea lamprey.

He believed the creature had come out of the sea and headed for a river to breed.

The creepy fish use razor-sharp teeth in a jawless mouth to hold their prey.

Their goals usually die from blood loss or infection.

After they mature, they return to the rivers they spawn to lay their eggs before the adults die.


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