Fishermen rescue turtle from jaws of huge shark in heart-stopping encounter

Two fishermen saved a sea turtle from a tiger shark after seeing the predator trying to swallow the creature whole.

Kai Survance and his friend were fishing near Abaco in the Bahamas when they witnessed a loggerhead turtle fighting an apex predator.

The images shared on their social media page, kaiowenfishinginc, show the close-up action as the hungry shark bites the sea turtle from behind.

The tiger shark knocks its prey into the water and pushes it towards Kai’s fishing boat.

The hard-shelled turtle desperately tries to escape the beast’s razor-sharp teeth by swimming to their fishing boat in an attempt to free themselves.

At one point, he throws his front fins to push himself onto the boat and is quickly dragged back to the water by the shark.

One of the men can be heard saying, “Get the turtle, get the turtle. We have to save this turtle.”

As the shark turns to the left, the turtle manages to break free and float in the water before the fishermen grab it and move it to a safer place.

“Get him out of here, this goddamn big shark,” said one.

“We now have a turtle rescue service. That tiger shark was sinking and baptizing on this poor turtle. “

They drove farther from the site and released the sea turtle back into the water.

Viewers praised the pair for saving the turtle and were amazed to see the action of a shark hunting a turtle.

Kai and his friend rescued the hard-shelled turtle and released it back into the water further away from the spot

“I’m so glad you saved the turtle, guys,” one said.

Another wrote, “How rare it is to witness a shark trying to eat a turtle.”

Tiger sharks are known as a non-selective feeder, meaning they can hunt from small fish or crabs to larger marine animals such as porpoises and turtles.

It comes after a “lucky” diver managed to fend off an 8ft hammerhead shark with his camera stick.