Five children orphaned after parents at party die from drinking hand sanitiser

Five children were orphaned after both parents died from drinking illegal hand sanitizer at a party when guests ran out of alcohol.

The children’s father was the first to die of poisoning while doctors in Russia fought to save the life of their 48-year-old mother for 10 days.

On Thursday, the death of the unnamed mother was announced by the regional Ministry of Health.

Doctors say she did not regain consciousness after suffering terrible damage to her internal organs.

The ages of the couple’s children have not been disclosed.

The mother of five is the ninth person to die after drinking illegal antiseptic hand wash supplied nationwide.

The lethal disinfectant contained up to 69 percent methanol, while the legal level is 3.5 percent.

Methanol can cause kidney damage, blindness and death, and health leaders have warned people not to drink the sanitizer.

The victims were aged between 28 and 69 years old, and seven were people attending the same party on November 19 as the couple in the village of Tomtor, in the Tattinsky district of Russia’s Yakutia region.

Five children orphaned after parents at party die from drinking hand sanitiser

Five children orphaned after parents at party die from drinking hand sanitiser

A 32-year-old man from the same village remains in the hospital and is expected to survive amid fears that doctors cannot save face.

The first three victims were a 41-year-old woman and two men aged 27 and 69.

Six others were flown to the regional capital Yakutsk in a medical evacuation plane, including the mother.

Five children orphaned after parents at party die from drinking hand sanitiser

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The other death was a man in the Aldansky district of the same region.

About 4,879 liters of the deadly concoction have been seized so far, but police believe more has been delivered and have tracked it to kindergartens, schools, businesses and a prison.

44-year-old businessman Alexander Kalinin from the Sverdlovsk region can be sentenced to six years in prison after being detained for supplying the disinfectant.

A video shows him in court in Yekaterinburg, where he was grounded pending a criminal investigation.


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