Foodie horrifies viewers by sharing 'best way' to eat Thanksgiving meal leftover

A food lover has left fans shocked after showing she was the ‘best way’ to eat leftovers from a Thanksgiving meal.

TikTok US user Maddie Goetz showed followers her plate full of turkey, mac’n’cheese, fillings and a baguette.

She says to her follower, “So the most important thing about all Thanksgiving is to mix everything on the plate.

If you have a sandwich, open the sandwich. We have bread for some weird reason, take out the center and set it aside.

“Now you’ve got a hollowed-out loaf and fill it with all the different mac’n’cheese, stuffing, turkey you just wrapped.”

She demonstrates it as she scoops the food and slides it into the baguette.

“Fill it,” she shows it to the camera. Now that it’s all mixed up. I personally would go back for a gravy dip. ‘

She took a big bite of the baguette and said, “Unreal.”

However, viewers were not impressed when she mixed all the food together.

“You lost me mixing everything,” said one.

Another asked, “Am I the only one who shouted in silence when she mixed all the food?”

She suggested putting all the food in a wrap or bread and dipping them in gravy

“Absolutely can’t touch my food!” added a third. “I’m using a partition!”

Maddie rose to fame on TikTok when she first showed her fans the “most efficient way” to eat a hamburger and fries in one bite.

She demonstrated it by adding the fries to a chicken burger and dipping them in ketchup or another sauce.

The fast food aficionado said it is “the only way to eat a chicken sandwich”.