Foreign holidays 'cancelled for summer 2020' - Matt Hancock
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Foreign holidays 'cancelled for summer 2020' – Matt Hancock

It is unlikely that the British will be able to go abroad this summer, Matt Hancock admitted.

The health secretary of the Westminster government answered questions asked by This Morning host Phillip Schofield asking him if “summer had been canceled” and vacations abroad would be impossible.

Phillip asked, “If the summer is effectively canceled, will it be unrecognizable from the summer since World War II?”

And Mr. Hancock said, “I think that’s probably the case.

“We have not made a final decision on that yet, but it is clear that we will reopen hospitality, some hospitality, from the beginning of July if we continue to successfully reduce the spread of this virus.

“But some social distance will persist.

“The conclusion is that it is unlikely that big, lavish international vacations will be possible this summer.

“I just think that’s a reality of life.”

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) currently advises all non-essential foreign travel for UK citizens, but even if this is lifted, some countries may not welcome visitors and there may still be an increased risk of traveling abroad.

Some of the closing measures announced by Boris Johnson on Sunday affecting the entire UK include the introduction of a quarantine for anyone entering the country.

Speaking to the nation, Mr. Johnson said that to prevent reinfection from abroad, he was “denouncing”.

He said, “I note that it will soon be time – with a significantly lower transmission – to impose quarantine on people entering this country by air.”

Full details have not been disclosed, but France and the Republic of Ireland are included.

Government sources have indicated that the quarantine will last 14 days and that passengers will be asked to provide border guards with an address where they will spend their quarantine via a digital form.

The authorities will carry out spot checks to ensure that the measure is being followed.

Speaking of the planned return to school for children in England in the interview, Mr Hancock said that children should not be “sprayed with disinfectant” before they are allowed to return.

“I’ve seen that one union proposal, it’s definitely not going to happen,” he said.

He told ITV’s This Morning that he understood parents’ fears of sending children back to school.

But he said, “We wouldn’t imagine this if we didn’t think it was safe.”


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