Friendly bear who hugged hikers is castrated and relocated to new park

A black bear filmed getting very close to a hiker at a Mexican ecological park has been caught and castrated by officials.

Viral footage shows the juvenile black bear stalking a young woman on hind legs and sniffing her hair at a close distance inside the Chipinque Ecological Park in Mexico last month.

Park officials decided to move the animal to a different state to protect the visitors’ safety and claimed it had become accustomed to being fed by humans in the ecological park where it lived.

They also reported there had been other close encounters between humans and the same bear in the park and in residential areas nearby.

But locals said it is a “friendly bear” and called it “Chipi” after the name of the park where it lived.

The bear was captured on Sunday by officials from the federal environment protection agency after nearby residents found it snoozing in their backyard and alerted the authorities.

Veterinarians at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León checked it over and fitted it with a radio collar.

The animal was also castrated, a move which is now being investigated by agency.

Local authorities believed the bear would pose danger to park visitors

The agency has released a statement saying the decision to castrate the bear was taken by the co-ordinator for wildlife at the university after consulting with the director-general for wildlife control Dr Martín Vargas Prieto.

A statement published on their website mentioned that Dr Prieto argued the bear had to be castrated to avoid him getting into fights with others once he is released in the Sierra de Nido mountain range in Chihuahua state.

Both the castration and the planned move are considered due to the erratic behaviour of the bear, which he was spotted on several occasions eating litter in the urbanised area of San Pedro Garza García.


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