Fury as two supermarkets change the cost of home deliveries

Asda and Sainsbury’s have made changes to home delivery costs that will make many pay more and some less.

Asda now charges customers an extra £ 1 for the most expensive grocery delivery times – increasing the most expensive cost from £ 6 to £ 7.

In addition, vulnerable Asda shoppers are now also required to pay for deliveries – after an arrangement where they could get them for free ended November 1.

In addition, Sainsbury’s has quadrupled the cost of its cheapest one-hour delivery time to £ 2, Birmingham Live Reports.

The cost of some one-hour delivery slots also goes up, although others go down in price, according to MoneySavingExpert.

Here are the new prices at Asda

Until now, the slots cost between € 1 and € 6.

However, now that range has shifted so it’s now between £ 1 and £ 7.

Asda has admitted that the cost of most of the slots has gone up.

Vulnerable shoppers now also have to pay for delivery. Under the old system, they could have gotten free delivery with no minimum order threshold. The new arrangement means they have to pay the same standard charges as everyone else, and there is now a £ 3 surcharge for anyone ordering under £ 40.

But one more thing – and this affects Christmas and the New Year.

Between December 19, 2020 and January 2, 2021, recurring delivery slots will be dropped.

Here are the new prices at Sainsbury’s

Under the old system, which has just ended, orders over £ 40 generally cost between $ 50 cents and £ 7. Now orders cost between $ 2 and $ 4.50.

Orders under € 40 still cost € 7. Orders over € 100 reserved for delivery between Monday and Thursday after 2 pm are still free.

There is still a minimum spend of £ 25 for deliveries to go ahead.

An advantage of the new system is that people can now book cheap four hour delivery slots for £ 1. However, they need you to be flexible. People need to reserve a four-hour slot – and only find out the time of delivery on the day.

As you might expect, not everyone is satisfied.

A person on social media said: “I have booked a delivery for my parents for 50 cents on a Tuesday afternoon since the foreclosure started. This now costs £ 4. Is this correct? 800% price increase ?! “

A second said: “I tried to book or close my normal paid slot yesterday and there were fewer. Many of the slots were now £ 4. I had to go for a late night slot which makes life a priority for me. customer is more challenging. “

An Asda customer said: “Nice to see @Asda cashing in on # lockdown2uk by increasing the price of my regular delivery option by 15%! @AsdaServiceTeam, it’s great to see you doing your part to help in difficult times! #ThatsAsdaPrice #Save money, live better “

A spokesman for Sainsbury said The sun : “Since March, we have more than doubled our online shopping capacity.

“We can now serve approximately 750,000 customers per week with home delivery and click & collect, and we continue to prioritize older and vulnerable customers.”

Asda has said that prices are still the same for renewing delivery card customers.

Passes cost £ 5 per month, £ 35 for six months or £ 55 for a year.

Asda temporarily stopped issuing new passes at the start of the first coronavirus blockade.