Fussy dog refuses to eat food unless it's heated after seeing owner do the same

A picky dog ​​has taken over his owner’s habit of refusing to eat his food until it has been reheated in a microwave.

Owner Feixian, of Yantai city in eastern China’s Shandong province, said her Labrador pet Duoduo treats her better than any of the boyfriends and the couple become inseparable when she’s home.

Duoduo became an internet sensation after a viral video captured him tucking his 22-year-old owner into bed.

The little dog was filmed pulling a blanket over the bed to cover Feixian while she slept.

But the caring dog also has a lot of character, which also means that he is quite picky.

In one clip, Feixian is heating her dumpling soup in a microwave.

She says to her dog, “Duoduo, my dinner is ready. I’m going to eat it while it’s hot.

“You should eat yours too!”

Duoduo seems to be getting jealous of his owner’s dish and raises his paw to ask Feixian to warm up his dry food as well.

But she tells him, “Yours doesn’t need to be warmed up.”

The dog refuses to eat and barks at her while he waits impatiently.

She places the dog food in the microwave and closes the door, mimicking the sound of the machine and saying “Ding” before taking the food to Duoduo.

Owner Feixian pretended to heat up her dog's food and made a 'thing' noise to trick him

The dog wags its tail and happily chews its food, thinking it has warmed up.

Feixian told the Daily Star that Duoduo actually enjoys the sound of the microwave more than hot food.

She said, ‘He loves the sound of the’ thing ‘and gets turned on when he sees me heating up food in the microwave.

Duoduo looks angry in the video, but he is generally very loyal and protective. He will bring me food and close the door on me, and even put me to sleep.

She explained that she had surveillance cameras installed all over the house to record her dog’s movements when she’s not at home.

“Everyone says Duoduo is the reincarnation of Xiaotian Quan (a mythical dog who protects his owner by his side),” she added.