Gaetz Says Twitter ‘Enabling’ Antifa after Platform Flags His Tweet for ‘Glorifying Violence’
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Gaetz Says Twitter ‘Enabling’ Antifa after Platform Flags His Tweet for ‘Glorifying Violence’

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) speaks with the media in Washington, D.C., February 2, 2018. (Aaron P. Bernstein/Reuters)

Representative Matt Gaetz (R., Fla.) said he was carrying a “badge of honor” after Twitter labeled one of his tweets against Antifa, saying it violated the platform’s policies against glorifying violence.

Gaetz, a prominent ally of President Trump who in 2018 was “shadow banned” by Twitter to limit his visibility, tweeted Monday calling members of Antifa “terrorists.”

“Now that we clearly see Antifa as terrorists, can we hunt them down like we do those in the Middle East?” Gaetz asked — a day after the president declared he was labeling the far-left anarchist group a terrorist organization.

After prominent gun control activists, including Senator Chris Murphy (D., Conn.), criticized the tweet for inciting tensions and warned it could spark a mass shooting amid nationwide protests and riots over the death of George Floyd, Twitter tagged it and limited engagements with it.

Following the decision, Gaetz accused Twitter of “enabling” Antifa. “Antifa is a terrorist organization, encouraging riots that hurt Americans. Our government should hunt them down,” he tweeted. He also slammed Murphy for “woke virtue signaling.”

Gaetz’s flagging comes less than a week after Twitter suppressed a tweet from President Trump about the Minnesota riots, saying his use of the phrase “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” also glorified violence.

Trump responded by calling for Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which gives Twitter liability protection from third-party comments, to be revoked or reformed. Gaetz tweeted on Monday in support of the mounting criticisms leveled against Twitter by conservatives who claim the platform is engaging in censorship and editorializing.

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