Game of New Highs and 20 Crypto Jokes

Bitcoin and Altcoins had another exciting week. Bitcoin has accelerated up to $ 18,500, leaving previous levels of $ 16,000 and $ 17,000 in the dust. And while billionaire Ray Dalio admitted that he may be lacking in BTC, Ethereum followed suit, hitting $ 500 for the first time in more than two years, just days after it was revealed that another major investor, Mike Novogratz, had acquired 500,000 ETH had with a premium in 2015.

Unsurprisingly, more big names have entered the crypto industry, including Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego and popular Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams. Spanish security giant Prosegur has stepped into the crypto custody game while the South Korean government pondered plans to care for its blockchain unicorns. Even strategists at Deutsche Bank have been positive about Bitcoin, although JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon still holds on to his doubts. And while some regulators are preparing for a new round of cryptopoly, others seem to be leaning towards a more liberal stance on the emerging sector.

As the world appears to be preparing to adopt the energy standard predicted by Henry Ford and remove money for good by the end of this decade, hackers have outwitted DeFi protocol developers again for a fourth DeFi hack in a month. Eventually, major crypto exchange OKEx confirmed it will reopen payouts through November 27, and crypto lender Nexo told that it is launching an internal exchange and engaging in world class brokerage and commercial banking Functions works.

It is safe to say that crypto is no longer a joke. Let’s solidify that argument with 20 crypto jokes from last week.

____ ____

The journey of every bitcoiner.

The number is increasing technology in action.

Meanwhile on the Ethereum Twitter …

“Take part, the weather is incredible!”

A moment of silence for the fallen plebs …

There is nothing wrong with being wrong.

Wait … you mean Dogecoin is not healthy money?

We don’t have toxic arguments … just happy differences of opinion.

… just happy differences of opinion …

… happy differences of opinion …

What happened to Bitcoin Diamond?

Speaking of diamonds:

“I got a tattoo today of every altcoin that has ever made me rich”. Very beautiful.

Source: u / Fritz1818 /

Breathtaking transformation!

The hero we need.

I’ve sat one, does that count?


Fiat Morghulis, Bitcoin Dohaeris.

Can you walk outside the citadel during the lockdown?

In short, the Ponzi!