Gamer admits killing seven-week-old son while in middle of PlayStation session

A gamer struggling with tantrums has admitted killing his newborn son while in the middle of a PlayStation session, a court heard.

Joseph William McDonald, 23, reportedly texted his partner that he was the ‘worst father’ just weeks before lashing out at his seven-week-old son and killing him. the Daily Mail reports.

He admitted to the Australian Supreme Court of Victoria on Friday that he was responsible for the death of his baby Lucas on October 24 last year.

The court heard on Friday that he had a tantrum and lashed out at his newborn baby while he was in the middle of a PlayStation game, the newspaper reports.

McDonald, who, according to local reports, initially denied killing his son, his partner Samatha Duckmanton reportedly texted him saying he was the “worst father” and “worst partner” just weeks before the fatal attack.

Mrs. Duckmanton was in the kitchen the day her son was murdered, while Lucas was in the sitting room with his father.

She heard her baby wail and when she asked McDonald what the noise was, he replied that he was “swaddling” him, the paper reports.

His mother thought her child’s shrill cry was due to the vaccinations he received that same morning, as was his refusal of milk.

But Lucas’s condition didn’t improve overnight, so the concerned mother took him to the emergency room at Benalla Hospital.

The baby was then transferred to Monash Children’s Hospital, but died there five days later.

The distraught mother confronted her partner when doctors told her that the baby’s death was unlikely to be an accident.

He replied that he pushed too hard on the back of the baby’s brainstem before fleeing, causing a public manhunt.

Prosecutor Mark Gibson told the court that the injuries suggested that the baby’s head had been hit against an object or that McDonald had hit him hard on the head.

The court heard on Friday how McDonald had searched online for anger management treatments in the weeks leading up to the fatal attack.

Lucas’ mother described how she “fell in love” with her child in a victim impact statement read in court.

She told McDonald, “Lucas deserved to feel safe and protected by his father.

“You don’t deserve forgiveness – and you don’t deserve the title of daddy.”

The 23-year-old will be sentenced later this month.