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Everyone seems to be talking about Bitcoin right now and the reasons are pretty clear. First, in these economically unstable times, an alternative to the traditional currency markets will obviously be attractive. Also, Bitcoin is growing in value at an incredible rate. This means that if you already have Bitcoin in your portfolio, you want to research how to get the most out of your cryptocapital rather than just leaving it idle.

Why Should You Boost Your Bitcoin Savings?

The price of Bitcoin will only go up. According to the 2020 Crypto Research Report (CRR), which forecasts the prices of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is expected to continue to appreciate in value by the end of 2020, exceeding $ 20,000 and rising to just over $ 340,000 in 2025. The report claims that Bitcoin continues on its current growth trajectory and will reach 10% penetration by 2030 at a price of nearly $ 400,000.

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What options do you have to invest your Bitcoin?

There are tons of ways you can invest your Bitcoin. You can take advantage of the current price boom and day trading in the currency for quick, risky, but potentially high returns. Alternatively, you can use HODL and keep your Bitcoin long-term while you wait for it to be appreciated. This is far less risky, but the downside is that your coins just sit and do nothing and don’t make any extra profits. Then of course there is crypto arbitrage, an investment strategy that is widely recognized as one of the lowest risk forms of investment. What you may not have heard is that it can offer exceptionally high returns too.

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What is crypto arbitrage and what are the benefits?

Crypto arbitrage is a trading strategy that takes advantage of price differences between crypto exchanges. Basically, there are short periods of time in which a cryptocurrency is available on several exchanges at the same time, but at different prices. The market will eventually adjust and the price differences will resolve on their own. During this time window, a crypto investor can buy the coin on the exchange where it is offered at the lowest possible price and then sell it on the exchange where the price is highest in order to make a profit.

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The benefits are undeniable. As mentioned above, the risks are negligible, but the returns are unparalleled. Since leveraging crypto arbitrage opportunities requires the speed and efficiency of an automated algorithmic trading system, you can get on with the rest of your day while the platform trades and generates revenue on your behalf without any prior knowledge or efforts to convert currencies research or track market patterns and price shifts.

We can use one of the most popular, EU licensed crypto arbitrage platforms. ArbiSmart, as an an example. The way the platform works is that you sign up, deposit your bitcoin or fiat if you prefer and then the algorithm works. It scans 35 different exchanges at the same time, 24 hours a day, looking for and then exploiting crypto arbitrage opportunities, with a huge volume of trades being processed at the same time.

What Should You Look For In A Crypto Arbitrage Platform?

Obviously, making the most healthy profit possible is everyone’s top priority when it comes to investing. At ArbiSmart, the platform generates guaranteed profits of up to 45% per year, depending on the amount of your deposit. As with all investment platforms, the amount you pay in has an effect on your return.

The exact amount that you can expect on your Bitcoin or Euro can be seen on the company account page, which shows the monthly and yearly profits for each account level. There is also a useful one Profit calculatorHere’s how much you need to invest to reach a specific profit target within a given time period. Likewise, it can show you your forecast earnings based on a certain deposit amount.

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While profits are of the utmost importance, the safety of your savings also plays an important role. Therefore, under no circumstances should you invest with an unregulated platform.

There are all kinds of bad actors in the crypto realm, from misrepresenting the individual to hackers and corporations disappearing overnight. So when you’re investing your Bitcoin, you want a company like ArbiSmart that is well established and accessible Support team, a solid reputation on social media Consumer review websites and In the press.

In addition, ArbiSmart is fully licensed and regulated across the European Union. The FIU license ensures that the company has sufficient funds to operate and cover customer accounts, that the software is secure and works reliably, that company and customer funds are kept separate and that customers are checked. Measures are implemented.

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ArbiSmart’s license not only covers the crypto arbitrage platform, but also entitles the company to provide wallet services. In 2021 the company will offer an interest-bearing wallet for both fiat and crypto. This means that instead of leaving your Bitcoin idle, you can earn up to 45% interest depending on the size and currency of the deposit and the type of savings account you choose. Wallet holders can choose a flexible account that allows winnings to be withdrawn at any time, or a high yield account that can be closed for a set period of time, with higher interest rates for longer account closures.

So, if you want to take advantage of the incredible growth of Bitcoin and make money off your coins with minimal effort, Crypto Arbitrage is a great low risk, high return option for both experienced Crypto investors and beginners with some cash to spare.

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