German shepherd's terrified reaction to army of corgi puppies branded 'adorable'

A German Shepherd apparently terrified of hyperactive puppies was caught on video heading for a noisy brood of young corgis.

In the funny clip, which went viral on the Chinese video-sharing app Douyin, the German shepherd named Happy walks on a leash with her owner when a group of corgi puppies surround them.

The puppies look delighted to find an oversized playmate, quickly circle the dog and complain to her incessantly.

Poor Happy looking shocked and overwhelmed by the sudden noise and backs up to the puppies, who seem to love the game and chase her down the road.

The dog even tries to hide behind the legs of her owner, Ms. Wang, who told Mail Online that her dog has always been “timid” and is also very well trained.

She added, “Ever since she was a puppy, I’ve always taught her not to be hostile to others.

‘I thought the corgis were really cute.

“I was glad to see Happy not attacking them and kept trying to avoid them.”

The German Shepherd is said to be quite timid by nature

Unsurprisingly, dog lovers who viewed the images also thought Happy was very sweet in the way she dealt with the puppies’ unwanted attention.

One viewer wrote, “What a kind-hearted dog.

“She ran away from stepping on the puppies.”

A second fan, who had more credit for Happy, commented, “The German Shepherd was so sweet to them.

She didn’t make any noise so as not to scare them.

“They are all so cute.”

In another adorable video, an owner tested her German Shepherd’s response to being petted and then suddenly left alone, while viewers wept at the result.

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