Ghislaine Maxwell would do everything to protect Prince Andrew, her friend says

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As the world wonders what Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial would reveal about the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal, a former friend of the British socialite says she would do everything to protect her pal, Prince Andrew.

“Prince Andrew and Ghislaine were always fiercely loyal to each other and she wouldn’t give him up,” Christopher Mason, a New York-based journalist and former friend of Maxwell, told Britain’s The Sun in an interview.

“I think she’ll still have his back and will protect him to the last.

“I don’t think U.S. prosecutors would have much of an appetite for shaming a British prince, but his refusal to cooperate with their enquiries may spur their determination to exert maximum pressure on Ghislaine to turn on him.”

Accused child sex trafficker Ghislaine maxwell and her former friend, journalist Christopher Mason. Photo by PATRICK MCMULLEN /GETTY IMAGES

One of Epstein’s alleged “sex slaves,” Virginia Giuffre, has said in a civil lawsuit that Maxwell recruited her when she was 15 into Epstein’s circle, where she claims Epstein forced her to have sex with him and friends including the British royal.