Giant penis in face mask appears in Venice as ‘coronavirus protest’

A penis-shaped statue caused a stir after it appeared on the water in the center of the Italian tourist city of Venice in protest of the limitations of the corona virus.

The giant marble phallus, which appears to “wear” a face mask, appeared in front of the Palazzo Ducale on the famous St. Mark’s Square on Monday.

It was created by an artist who declined to be named, but was vocal about what it represents, according to local media.

In a clip from the square, a few older ladies stop to yawn at the statue, while they both hear a giggle.

The woman and many other spectators stop to record the strange image on their mobile phone.

Although the image was unauthorized, it quickly became a major attraction for residents who photographed it.

The anonymous artist is said to have told local media that “the penis is a symbol of life”.

In what is described as a “protest,” the artist says that Venice is alive and “must be alive, and calls on people to be strong, not to stop and to rise again.”

The penis artwork has become an attraction with many residents making videos

Symbolically, the “face mask” of the image is tied with iron wires.

According to the artist, this represents ‘the limitations of the coronavirus, the distance between people, the fear of others, which is also the fear of living’.

There are some messages in the picture, including: “phase 3” and “Covid-19”, as well as the word “prostitution”.

It is said that that message is to get people thinking about how Venice has been commercialized for tourists who have disappeared since the Corona virus crisis began.

The artist said they hoped that once the emergency was over, tourism activity in the city would be different, local media reports.

In what appears to be a play on words, the artwork is called “ciapaipaebai” meaning “had through the balls” in reference to both the coronavirus and tourism in Venice.

The artist managed to transport the penis to the location without being hindered or challenged by the locals or authorities.


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