Gigantic pythons battle it out to have sex with female snake nearby

Incredible footage has emerged of two massive carpet pythons being in a fierce battle over a female snake.

Tony, from Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher in Australia, filmed the two giant reptiles getting tangled in a mating fight just feet away.

In the clip, the equally-sized carpet pythons twist their bodies and rear up in a standoff position.

The vividly coloured serpents make a loud hissing sound as they try to wrestle each other to impress the female.

Tony says: “There is a female nearby. The biggest, fattest one will win every time. They will stand tall and look each other down, trying to make themselves look tough until one gives up.

“And that decides ‘you win because you are stronger’.”

One of the two snakes will get to have a chance to “hang around” with the female, Tony adds.

The pythons are about seven-foot-long and weigh about five to six kilos each.

Tony said the battle can “go on for minutes or days” and most people would mistake it as two snakes mating rather than fighting.

Tony explained that the battle could last for minutes or a few days until one of them leaves

If the fight gets heated, the pythons will start biting each other, leaving injuries on the body and sometimes the head.

As Tony speaks, one of the snakes pulls away to leave the winner free to find the female snake.

The video has racked up nearly 9,000 views on Facebook and viewers praised Tony for the useful information.

One viewer said: “I witnessed this and then moved the loser away, came back and found the winner mating with the female. Pretty cool to see both stages of the ritual.”

“Love your awesome knowledge mate,” another wrote.