Girl, 16, hit over the head with bolt-cutters while out trick-or-treating with pals

Harrowing footage shows how a teenage girl was hit around the head with bolt cutters while out trick-or-treating on Halloween with pals in Perth, Australia.

Jayda Hall, 16, tells 9News she was “scared and crying” when three boys riding on a moped ganged-up against her in Port Kennedy at around 7pm.

The trio allegedly tried to run her over with the bike and spat on her face, while hurling vile insults at her in a senseless and seemingly random attack.

In the clip, Jayda recalls: “The other two on the bike were coming towards me, trying to run me over.

Jayda Hall was 'scared and crying' when the boys attacked her
Jayda Hall was ‘scared and crying’ when the boys attacked her

“He pulled out bolt cutters and hit me across the back of the head with them and I fell to the floor, he kicked me in the back.”

She turns around and points to the spit of her head which was struck by the makeshift weapon.

During the attack, one of the yobs took his mask off, revealing his face was painted underneath.

“I asked for help but nobody helped me,” Jada says.

Police said the teenage suspects were aged between 13 and 16
Police said the teenage suspects were aged between 13 and 16

The thugs then escaped on the moped and left her lying on the floor.

Jada’s mum, Leah Armstrong, told 9News that she heard about the attack over the phone when a mum of one of her daughter’s friends got in touch.

“It’s not a phone call I want to get, anytime,” she says.

Police were informed of the assault and said the suspects are aged between 13 and 16, 9News reports.