Goat herd runs loose in town and wreaks havoc after 200 break out of enclosure

A herd of 200 goats broke free from their paddock today, wildly invading a quiet residential street videotaped by a bewildered witness.

The working goats normally graze on weeds growing in the surrounding hills in San Jose, California, USA.

But the cheeky animals ended up in a neighborhood on the east side of the city and were spotted chewing the residents’ lawns and potted plants.

In the clip, the sizeable herd shoots down a street past bins and lawns as people scream in the background.

The confused goats are chased by a small tractor that seems to drive them out of people’s homes.

Zach Roelands, who shot the great footage and shared it on Twitter, said, “I’m dead. When I came back from the shop all the goats had broken through the gate and caused great damage to our street. ‘

He added, “This is the craziest thing going on in quarantine.”

The greedy goats actually serve an important purpose in managing the plants on the hill – which cannot be done mechanically.

The goats were eventually driven back home

“We tried a tractor a few years ago to cut all the weeds and it hit a rock and set the whole hill on fire,” Zach explained.

The goats are called once a year to spend a few days cleaning up the dead vegetation with their almost endless appetites and the ability to eat almost anything.

Zach said the goats moved quite quickly, but left a trail of feces.

The strange images caused a stir on Twitter, where it was viewed more than 2 million times, where many viewers joked about the ongoing pandemic of the coronavirus.

“Damn it, even the goats are tired of staying at home,” one of them joked.

A second said, “Wait, they don’t wear masks. They crowd out each other.”

“Maybe they misunderstood the meaning of the herd’s immunity,” a third quipped.

Another viewer sounded shocked: “That’s crazy. I’m not sure what I would do if a goat rush came on me. It’s so strange.”

This comes after a herd of goats entered a Welsh village and made themselves home, even if they were chased by the police.

And a two-headed baby goat shocked farmers when it was delivered after a hard labor at a family farm in Wittenberg, Wisconsin.


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