Golden retriever and best friend are inseparable and even eat out together

A golden retriever doesn’t go anywhere without his best friend, with images of the couple melting viewers’ hearts.

Playful dog Kevin and his buddy Captain, who are both from Tampa, Florida, USA, met a year ago and the pair have been visiting each other ever since.

In a clip posted to Kevin’s Instagram @Royal house To celebrate his friend’s birthday, we see the duo hanging out at each other’s home and even riding a golf cart together.

The cute duo is inseparable when they sit next to each other in a bar restaurant.

The captain also goes to Kevin’s house for a sleepover, and they change into fancy pajama tops and pants and curl up on the couch.

The two are seen having fun on their dates and playfully fighting over a stick in the yard.

A captioned message in the video said, “They get so excited to see each other and they hate to say goodbye. They can stare in the eye all day long.”

Kevin’s owner Elysse Gorney, 28, spoke exclusively to Daily Star that she found out through Instagram that Captain lives in the same area.

She said, “We scheduled a play date about a year ago and the rest is history!

The couple would dress up in pajamas for a sleepover

‘They meet at least three times a week. They love to wrestle and play, but in the past they’ve had sleepovers, movie nights, and outings around town. ‘

While it can be challenging to control two dogs on a day out, Elysse revealed that both Kevin and Captain are very well behaved.

“I think it works on basic obedience first and when we feel comfortable enough and are sure they will stay,” she added.

“We put them on the golf cart. They both love it. ‘

The two goldies even met in town

Viewers were jealous of Kevin and Captain’s “bromance,” as someone joked, “I’m just saying I don’t look my bestie’s eyes like that – I think they might be in love.”

“I want to join their sleepover, I’m so jealous I wish I could get close to you guys,” said another.

In case you want to identify the two golden retrievers, Elysse gave tips and said, “Kev has a huge head compared to Captain and a fatter body.

“Captain is a bit skinnier and has the most adorable ears.”