Golden retriever puppy discovers dishwasher for the first time – and is baffled

A cute golden retriever puppy has been filmed trying to work out what the hell an open dishwasher is in a comical video.

The video, shared to Twitter and Tiktok by @napathegolden, shows adorable pup Napa standing on the open dishwasher.

He then starts trying to bury into the metallic surface – clearly confused at what it is.

The pooch glances up at his owner as if looking for an answer to what he was standing on.

But with no response, he decides to continue attempting to bury into the device.

The short clip, taken in Napa’s home in Michigan, Chicago, was posted last month with the caption: “When you’ve never done the dishes.”

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It has since been seen more than 6,000 times on TikTok and viewers were quick to flood the comments section with their thoughts.

“Cute silly puppy,” one wrote.

Another commented: “How cute is that” and a third simply said it was “adorable”.

Golden retrievers are without doubt some of our best-loved dog breeds, with their brilliant characters being revealed in some hilarious videos.

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He was filmed trying to bury into the dishwasher

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And a different loyal dog was filmed refusing to let his pregnant owner out of his sight.

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“He is always sticking around and giving me this long face. He is highly alerted whenever someone comes close to me, haha.”