Golden retriever's morning routine of 'practising smile' melts owner's heart

A golden retriever’s adorable daily routine before having breakfast might possibly be the cutest thing you’ll see all week.

The footage, shared by Instagram account @goodboymulligan, shows dog Mulligan patiently sitting waiting to eat his food in the morning.

His owner tells him to sit but he goes one step further and appears to smile at the camera.

Not being able to cope with the picture of cuteness, the owner finally lets the dog enjoy his meal.

The footage, taken in Michigan, US, was accompanied with a comical caption mimicking the dog’s voice.

“Evfurry morning, mahm makes me practice my patience before breakfast,” it read.

“But little does she know, iz also practising my handsome boy smiles to melt her heart.

“So I nevfurr have to wait too long.”

And the video has proven hugely popular online since surfacing earlier this year, garnering more than 48,000 views.

“That smile though,” one wrote. “Don’t blame your momma, we all melt at that smile.”

Another golden retriever account commented: “My mum would give into that smile every time.”

“No one could possibly resist,” a third agreed.

While a fourth added: “How does Mulligan get so cute?”

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