Government to give pubs £1,000 to recognise their hardship

The prime minister has said that pubs that don’t serve food will receive a new grant to acknowledge the damage caused by the restrictions.

In level 2, pubs are only allowed to serve alcohol if they also serve a hearty meal, while in level 3 they are limited to takeout and delivery.

Mr Johnson spoke at the start of a debate on whether England should introduce the new measures tomorrow.

MPs will vote on the measures tonight.

On the on-trade front, Boris Johnson pulled out a list of previously announced support points before telling MPs: “Today we go on with a one-off payment of £ 1,000 in December to wet pubs – those pubs that don’t serve food. .

“Recognize how hard they have been hit by this virus in what is typically their busiest month.”

Mr. Johnson added, “Not only gyms and recreation centers and swimming pools, but also churches, synagogues, mosques and temples will be open to communal worship services.

“Organized outdoor sports will resume and you will be able to meet others at every level in parks and public gardens, subject to the rule of six, and all those things have been constrained by necessity to this day. Each of them may be admitted again tomorrow.

“Of course I accept that this is not a return to normalcy. I wish it were. But it’s a bit closer to normalcy than the current restrictions.

“And what we cannot do is lift all restrictions at once or move too fast so that the virus would spread quickly again.

“And that would be the surest way to jeopardize our NHS and force us to a New Year’s shutdown, at all costs.”

Boris Johnson insisted that the government will look at how the restrictions can “reflect as best as possible the reality of what is happening on the ground” after being challenged about his “hatred” for Slough.

Labor’s Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi (Slough) said that “more fairness, clarity and transparency” was needed for the tier system, adding, “We were promised a regional approach.

“What the rulers have done, however, is that they put the little old Slough in Tier 3, despite the fact that we are separate from the wider region, and there are areas in neighboring London and Essex with higher Covid transmission speeds.

“So why does the Prime Minister hate Slough?”

Mr Johnson said, “I love Slough” before acknowledging that people feel a sense of “injustice” about being placed at higher levels “than they deserve,” adding, “As we go further. … the government will look at how to think as carefully as possible the reality of what is happening on the ground for the local population, looking at the incidence of the disease, looking at human geography and the spread of the pandemic, and indeed the advances that areas are making in fighting the virus.

“We will try to be as sensitive as possible to local efforts and local performance to control the pandemic.”