Gran transforms radiators for free – and is now taking orders from public

Even if you’ve never replaced a light bulb, you may have considered starting DIY to pass the time in lockdown.

And a grandma managed to create a great radiator cover for her home, as well as beautiful garden displays and a lounger, using pallets she picked up for free.

Hellan Pearce, 56, a mom of six and grandmother of three from Wiltshire, posted a call on Facebook for the pallets and soon got to work building her DIY creations.

Hellan told the money-saving community her tricks and tips.

“I wanted a radiator cover for my doorway since I was in my house and searched the internet, I thought they were very expensive and annoying that my radiators were too high for what I found,” she said.

“I was a payroll manager, but I just got fired.

“Making the coronavirus pandemic obsolete made me think that I could probably make one easily and that I had time to spare.

Gran transforms radiators for free - and is now taking orders from public

“I like to keep busy because it’s good for the mind.

“I posted on Facebook asking friends about unwanted pallets that could be picked up according to social distance rules. I had a lot of people saying they would leave them on their ride.

“I took the dimensions of my radiator and went to work. I cut the pallet down and reconfigured the size, cut the bottom back to fit over the baseboard with a jigsaw and painted it.

“I already had paint from another project. I mirrored the top and it was ready – and it cost nothing! I also made a garden display and a lounger.

Gran transforms radiators for free - and is now taking orders from public

“I’m now starting my own business with things like this because people have asked me to make them!”

Hellan says she is thrilled with how the projects went.

“Doing these projects was not only rewarding, but took a little bit of what was happening in the outside world,” she adds.

“It was also great that it didn’t cost anything!”

Tom Church, co-founder of, comments: “Facebook Marketplace is a great place to get free materials waiting for upcycling. It’s still active, just make sure to keep social distance when picking up things and cleaning them up at home.

“Who knew you could make so much with pallets? Hellan really put her creativity to good use to transform everything in her home from her radiators to her yard with her fantastic upcycling skills! “