Grayscale Buys $266 Million of Bitcoin and $58 Million of ETH

Crypto asset manager Grayscale has bought another 14,591 Bitcoin (currently around $ 266 million) and 105,000 Ethereum ($ 58.5 million) on behalf of its investors, according to financial reports released this week.

“The trust has issued 15,334,000 shares at various prices … for a total of 14,591.89670379 bitcoins, equivalent to $ 280,362,832,” Grayscale’s said Form 8-K report on December 9th.

The day before, Grayscale announced the purchase of over 105,000 more ETH tokens, despite the Document itself was dated December 2nd.

“The trust has issued 1,140,900 shares at various prices … for a total of 105,927.51301273 Ethereum, which is $ 62,975,646,” the company reported.

According to Grayscale’s tweet yesterday, the company currently manages $ 12.1 billion in crypto assets. The Bitcoin Trust in particular is by far the largest and amounts to over 10 billion US dollars alone.

The Grayscale Ethereum Trust ranks second among the Grayscales funds with assets under management of $ 1.64 billion.

As Decrypt reports that Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust has seen an inflow of new funds since October. Growth of around $ 2 billion During this time. Obviously, institutional investors can’t get enough of this.