Great British Bake Off's illustrator admits he doesn't like cake

The artist who makes the food sketches for the ‘Great British Bake Off’ admits that he doesn’t like cake.

Tom Hovey has a team of four who help turn the bakers’ creations into works of art on paper.

The illustrator says he got the sweet performance unexpectedly after moving to do freelance work for a television company.

He was then asked to create a “visual element” for a new show – which turned out to be the ‘Great British Bake Off’.

But despite working on the program for years, he still says he doesn’t like pie, the BBC reports.

And he says he only visited the famous tent once – during the 11 series he has worked on.

Tom told the BBC: “While I’m a huge foodie – I love to cook and eat most things – I’m just not really into cakes, desserts, pretty much everything you see on ‘Bake Off’.

“I tried to bake a bit, but didn’t have the patience. I thought ‘I can do that’, bought a load of butter and flour and it took all day!”

Father of three Tom now works from his home in Newport, South Wales.

He got the job after moving to London with his girlfriend, now his wife, and working in the editing suite of a television company.

He told the BBC: “They asked me to outline some ideas – depictions as if the bakers had sketched in their kitchen notebooks.

“Food illustration wasn’t something I wanted to do. As the series went on they kept adding shows and ‘Bake Off’ became more of my year.

“It took a few years for it to become popular – I didn’t watch it for a few years.”

Tom added that he can get an artistic license – especially if there has been a kitchen disaster.

He said, “The goal is to create what the bakers intended, not what they actually did.”