Greek brothels tackle coronavirus with 15-minute sex sessions and facemasks
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Greek brothels tackle coronavirus with 15-minute sex sessions and facemasks

Greek brothels are set to reopen under tough new coronavirus rules – with punters limited to 15-minute sex sessions and vice girls forced to wear facemasks throughout.

Customers will be forced to give their real names and contact numbers at the front desk, and are under strict orders to “keep heads apart”.

The barmy new rules sparked outrage from sex workers, who claim clients will be scared away by the draconian requirements.

Transgender prostitute Anna Kouroupou fumed: “What client is going to give us their personal information? I tell you, people are going to go hungry,”

Brothel manager Rita added: “They are ridiculous and I’m putting it mildly!

“Customers almost break down the door in their hurry to get in because they are embarrassed to be seen. How will they be expected to queue? It’s ridiculous.”

It comes after Greek officials banned Brits from visiting despite opening their doors to other Europeans, Japanese, Australians, and Kiwis.

The Government in the UK has still not lifted restrictions on all but essential international travel.

The Greek Tourism Ministry said travellers from the permitted countries will be able to enter Greece on direct flights to Athens and to the northern city of Thessaloniki.

Visitors arriving from those countries could be subject to sample coronavirus testing, the ministry said.

In response to UK restrictions travel agents TUI have cancelled all foreign holidays for British tourists until July 1 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The company, which had already axed departures until the middle of June, said holidays to destinations such as Spain and Greece departing on or before June 30 had been cancelled.


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