Greggs to offer 'bespoke' food for first time in huge bakery shake-up

The Greggs CEO has unveiled a massive change in the way the bakery chain makes sandwiches.

Thanks to new technology, customers will soon be able to adjust for the first time which fillings they have on their butt.

In addition to the ready-to-eat assortment, “made-to-measure sandwiches” are also served, reports BusinessLive.

Bakery owner Roger Whiteside said customers were getting ‘busier’ about food, but digital innovations allow Greggs to meet their needs.

Greggs is now partnering with Just Eat to launch a delivery service and also wanted to capitalize on its customers’ loyalty with a new app.

At a meeting of business leaders in the northeastern US, he revealed that the company will likely make its first-ever loss this year, but is still working on development plans and new stores.

He said, “Customers are getting a lot more fussed about food, so the point is that food is exactly how they want it.

“Digital channels will make that possible, and because we have kitchens in every store, we will be offering custom sandwiches.

“There are all kinds of possibilities that digital channels open up for us. And the core of that is customer loyalty.

“The winners in the retail industry in the future will be those who know the names of the customers they deal with.”

Mr Whiteside said Greggs was not a ‘normal’ business as it had maintained the family values ​​of its founders while growing into one of the main players on the High Street, with over 2,000 stores.

And he said that maintaining those values ​​while innovating at the same time was key to Greggs’ future.

He added, “Something that’s critical to Greggs’ success is the customer service experience, face-to-face, which is what sets us apart from many others.

“There are a lot of people who say they love the people they meet in our stores and we don’t want to lose that interaction. We want to keep that and add these other things. “