'Grinch' neighbour sends threatening note to family over Christmas lights

A “grinch” neighbor sent a letter to a family saying there would be “hell to pay” if they put up a large display of Christmas lights.

The anonymous threat was sent to the family after they promised ‘bigger and better’ festive lights when they wowed locals with a colorful Halloween display.

But the wretched complainant has demanded that they don’t decorate their home at Christmas because it’s ‘really annoying’ and attracts traffic and noise.

The upset neighbor is believed to be one of the two who complains to the family about their Halloween lights.

The note sent to the family on Monday reads, “I see you’ve started setting up your Christmas lights. I hope it doesn’t get as big and disgusting as your Halloween display.

“I’m telling you there are people in this area, myself included, who don’t like what you’ve done and what you’re doing now … it’s a shame and the traffic and noise are annoying.

“I advise you not to put on a big and painful showing, otherwise there will be hell to pay and if they [spectators] park on my sidewalk and if there is a lot of noise, I call the police for disturbance of the peace. “

They closed the letter and said, “DON’T DO IT.

“Concerned resident of North Lakes.”

'Grinch' neighbour sends threatening note to family over Christmas lights

A photo of the note was shared on Facebook, which garnered over 600 responses from people calling the author a “grinch” and “dastardly”.

In response, others urged the family in North Lakes, Brisbane, to proceed with their major exhibition.

One person wrote, “Don’t give in to idiots who don’t like traditions. Just because they don’t like it doesn’t mean others won’t.”

Another commented, “That’s just disgusting. Who gave them the right to threaten you. Don’t let them stop you, let them call whoever they want,” said a third.

'Grinch' neighbour sends threatening note to family over Christmas lights

‘If the lights bring you and the kids in your neighborhood some fun in this rotten year. You go for it. The grinch from your street can draw their curtains and stuff them. ‘

In a concerted show of support, many neighbors offered to help decorate the entire street in retaliation and help make the showing of the largest family to date.

One said, “Just go big! Your Halloween display looked great and if you can make a bigger and better Christmas show go for it.”

Despite calls to the family to stick to their original plans for a major exhibition, the neighbor said he was unwilling to risk causing a nuisance to the locals, so watering things down.

He said in his post: “We’ve decided to do a show, but not as big as we intended. Hopefully it will still put a smile on the faces of people who come to have a look.

“Thank you all again, it was overwhelming. Our lights will go on from December 1st.”